My week in Parliament

Last week I had an amazing opportunity shadowing Huw in the Houses of Parliament. The experience altogether was surprisingly very interesting and eye-opening especially during the negotiations for the Brexit Deal.

Watch: Huw speaks in the Queen's Speech Debate

After the Queen's Speech a number of debates take place in the House of Commons to discuss the legislative programme that is set out in the speech. I took part in one of these debates on the Environment Bill and more widely the Climate Emergency.

Transport Select Committee - Transport Secretary

Grant Shapps, our new Secretary of State for Transport, appeared before our committee to discuss his priorities. I asked him if the department was really able to deliver on reform as well as deal with the events which arise. I used the airline insolvency review as an example.

Broad Oak Primary School visit

Here I am with the wonderful staff, parents and pupils at Broad Oak.

Read about the visit in their own words here: 

Speed up Brexit, slow down speeding cars

In my last column, I wrote about Parliament being prorogued, and our subsequent return to Westminster when the Supreme Court ruled the suspension to be unlawful. As a result, I’ve spent two weeks back in Parliament and we have just been prorogued again.

Watch: Huw questions announcement on National Living Wage

During today's questions to the Department for Work and Pensions, I asked the Minister whether those under 25 would be at a disadvantage when seeking employment if the National Living Wage was extended to 21-year-olds, as they would be competing against those who are older with potentially more e