About Bexhill and Battle

Our constituency is one of the most beautiful in the country - I’m determined to make it an ever better place to live. 

1066 country has a rich historical tradition; from our Conquest re-enactments in October to our annual Bonfire Night celebrations in which all the local communities are represented by their bonfire societies.

Whilst honouring and preserving the fabric of our rural communities, I want to share the best of the constituency with the rest of the United Kingdom by fighting for better road and rail links. I am also working hard to regenerate Bexhill and Battle by encouraging more businesses to relocate and thereby increase employment opportunities and prospects for my constituents.

I am passionate about education and - having attended a failing school and a leading University, before qualifying as a lawyer - I am fully aware how tough opportunities can be. I will work with our schools to deliver the best education for our children. I will champion the health service and other essential local services which we rely on. To those local people starting their working lives, I will work hard to deliver affordable housing for you to have a home of your own.

I have lived in this area since 2006 and it is a privilege to represent Bexhill and Battle in Parliament.