Speeches in Parliament

Debate: Services for people with Autism

It was an honour to lead the debate in Parliament for Autism Awareness Week. I gave my opening speech on behalf of our All Party Parliamentary Chairman, Dame Cheryl Gillian. It was an inspired debate and speeches followed from MPs from across the country and party divide. 

Debate on Sexual and Relationships Education

I spoke in Parliament this week to express my support for the introduction of compulsory health, sex and relationships education in schools. The world is changing, and young people today face harsh challenges.

Huw champions work of Department for International Development

For less than a penny in every pound, it is estimated that UK aid saves a life every two minutes. The Aid Transparency Index which measures effective aid spending, ranks the Department for International Development's (DFID) spending as the third most effective in the world and ‘very good’.

Local MP highlights success of universal credit

In a noisy chamber, Huw made the case for economic and welfare reforms which have helped reduce the unemployment numbers by a million since 2010 (a part of the story which has seen an extra 3.4 million jobs being created).

Huw continues to lobby for social care reform

In Parliament, Huw continued to lobby for social care reform by asking the Health and Social Care minister to look at the German system of compulsory social care insurance when considering proposals for the Green Paper on social care.

Local MP calls for social care reform

Huw has been lobbying Government for extra funds for East Sussex. In welcoming the extra funding in the Local Government settlement, he spoke in House of Commons to thank Parish, Town, District & County Cllrs for their work. He then focussed on radical reform to social care funding so we can care for more people locally and fund other services.