Health and Social Care

Ensuring that constituents receive the best Health and Adult Social Care for their needs, has been a huge priority for me since my election in 2015. With a proportion of elderly constituents way above the national average, I speak regularly in Parliament as to the needs of the constituency.

Schools Funding

Fair Funding for Local Schools

On being elected, I have visited almost every one of our local primary and secondary schools. We have a great community of schools, led by excellent Headteachers, their staff and local governors. 

Leaving the EU

In the referendum, I voted for the UK to remain in the EU. I enjoyed the public meetings I held across the constituency but, having not campaigned on one side or the other, I was always going to abide by the result. With 52% of the votes being cast to leave the EU, we will be leaving the EU.


Since being elected as your MP I have spent time visiting parents who have autistic or Asperger’s-impacted children. Seeing first-hand the commitment of the families and how difficult it is for parents to get the support that they need has deeply affected me.

Local Rail Services

As a regular commuter myself, I am all too aware of the problems constituents face on our local trains and the importance of a reliable rail service for those who travel to work by train.

Parking Enforcement

In both Bexhill and Battle towns, the issue of parking has continued to cause difficulties for residents and traders alike. Parking is free for the first two hours but cars are staying all day and other cars are parking on double-yellow lines and in loading bays. The voices of dissent are getting louder. Anti-social parking is a danger and causes traffic chaos. It puts people off shopping in our towns. Accidents will happen and shops will close if we do not find a solution.

Jobs, Homes and Investment

Affordable Housing

Having helped deliver an affordable housing development in Rotherfield, I am passionate about giving more local people the chance to occupy their own home. Our towns and villages have always expanded to create housing for those looking to leave home.

Buy Locally, Reform Business Rates

Having lived in East Sussex since 2006, I am passionate about the shops and producers which make this part of the country so special. There is a place for supermarkets, and I use them for some of my shopping, but I try and buy my fruit and veg, meat, fish and other food which does not come in a tin or packet, in our high streets. I want to act as a champion of our local food champions. I want to showcase the unique food and goods we make, grow and sell locally.

Save our Pubs

As a member of the Campaign for Real Ale, I am hugely concerned by the number of pubs going out of business. A village which loses its only pub, loses its heart. Each week, 29 pubs close in the UK. In the 2010 General Election, I campaigned to save pubs in Derbyshire and I want to do the same again in Bexhill and Battle. If your pub is facing the threat of closure then I would like to come and meet the regulars in that pub and see what can be done to raise awareness.

Improve the A21

The A21 is the UK’s most dangerous stretch of road. As a trunk road operated from the M25 by the Highways Agency, it is wholly unacceptable that it is not dual-carriaged from start to end. Villages such as Hurst Green experience the noise and the accidents on an unimaginable basis. Whilst I welcome the upgrade of the A21 from Tonbridge to Pembury, and the extension to the dual-carriageway, we now need the same imagination and investment to be delivered as the A21 continues through our constituency in Bexhill and Battle.