Leaving the EU

The UK is leaving the EU. This decision was made by the majority of those who voted in the EU referendum. Parliament and Government will now deliver the will of the people.

Free 24/7 cashpoints for every high street

Last year I proposed a new law in Parliament calling for a minimum service obligation from banks and building societies to provide a free 24/7 cashpoint in towns and villages with a population of over 5,000 residents. 

Bringing the Bayeux Tapestry to 1066 Country

Earlier this year, following the news that the Bayeux Tapestry may be displayed in the UK whilst its current home in France is being refurbished, I took the opportunity to put a bid in during PMQs for the tapestry to be displayed at Battle.

Pavement Parking

I have called for Parliament to give more powers to local authorities to tackle anti-social pavement parking in town centres. Those most impacted by anti-social pavement parking tend to be those who have disabilities or are with young children.  

UK Aid

Ensuring our International Aid budget delivers on the ground is a key concern of mine. This May Bank Holiday weekend, I travelled to the African country of Djibouti with UNICEF.

Schools Funding

Fair Funding for Local Schools

On being elected, I have visited almost every one of our local primary and secondary schools. We have a great community of schools, led by excellent Headteachers, their staff and local governors. 

Health and Social Care

Ensuring that constituents receive the best Health and Adult Social Care for their needs, has been a huge priority for me since my election in 2015. With a proportion of elderly constituents way above the national average, I speak regularly in Parliament as to the needs of the constituency.


Bexhill and Battle is connected to the rest of the country by two main trunk roads – the A259 (linked to A27) and the A21. Both these roads are managed by Highways England and are almost entirely single carriageway throughout the constituency and the rest of East Sussex. East Sussex has only 11.9km of dual carriageway throughout the whole county. Major road infrastructure improvements are needed in our area if we are to create a safer road network and increase the flow of investment in jobs, businesses and housing in our community.

Buy Locally, Reform Business Rates

Having lived in East Sussex since 2006, I am passionate about the shops, producers and providers which make this part of the country so special. As a consumer of these products and services, I am aware how challenging the local economy can be and how the level of business rates can impact the bottom line.