Watch: Huw urges Government to support ATMs

Following the great news that a free to use 24/7 ATM will return to Battle High Street, I took the opportunity during the Business of the House today to ask the Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, whether the Government will support and deliver the legislation I introduced, which will mean ever

Watch: Huw asks the Transport Secretary about High Speed 2

As a member of the Transport Select Committee, I’m a supporter of High Speed 2. This rail project will join 8 of our 10 great cities and provide better connectivity for 30 million people. It will provide jobs and has a positive return on investment.

Watch: Huw Questions the Prime Minister

I asked the Prime Minister to confirm that Conservative MPs who do not vote for the deal he brings back to Parliament would face the same consequences faced by those who vote against his Government today. 

Watch his response here:

Watch: Huw welcomes school funding announcement

I am passionate about education and have long been campaigning for fairer funding for schools in Bexhill and Battle, and so I welcomed the Chancellor of the Exchequer's announcement of a £7.1 billion increase in funding for schools over the next few years.

Watch: Huw questions the Foreign Secretary on the Brexit negotiations

On the first day back after Parliamentary recess I questioned the Foreign Secretary on whether we have the resources to negotiate a good deal to leave the EU. The Foreign Secretary assured me that resources had been strengthened and increased in Brussels and across the capitals of the 27 EU member states with a commitment to leave at the end of October.

My vote

I’ve always supported delivering the referendum result and leaving on time on agreed terms with the EU. It is for this reason that I voted three times in Parliament for the Withdrawal Agreement (which would have taken us out of the EU by now), three times to keep No Deal on the table (to give the strongest negotiating hand) and failed to vote with the Government to extend Article 50 at the end of May. Failing to leave is not only causing many to lose faith in democracy and political promises, it makes it harder to turn a new page and focus on the domestic reforms which we need locally (with particular reference to social care). It also causes economic stagnation and uncertainty. 

Supporting community policing on our streets

Since I was first elected four years ago, I’ve been struck by the increase in rough sleeping as well as a rise in intimidating behaviour in Bexhill. It’s not just through my own eyes.