Climate Change

As someone who enjoys living in a rural area of Wealden and who’s constituency is largely countryside, I share the concerns expressed by constituents about the effects of climate change and I am encouraged that so many people are taking an active interest in such a pressing issue and taking the time to contact me.  However, I wish to reassure you that the UK has made great progress in its commitment to tackle climate change and reduce our emissions. It is important to note that the UK has led the way in reducing our carbon footprint, with emissions down by 44% since the 1990s. This is a huge achievement and I am pleased to see that the government is continuing to invest in innovation around carbon capture and renewable energy.

However, as you will be aware, our progress alone is not enough. A global problem such as climate change requires all countries to get on board and adhere to their responsibilities. Whilst the UK has taken action, other countries have continued to use fossil fuels regardless of the consequences. China is a prime example. It belched out more pollution in the last year than the UK has in the previous 100 years. Without global co-operation the UK can only do so much.

I want to encourage the government to continue to implement measures to combat climate change. I also want to see the government persuade the Chinese of the benefits in replicating our move away from coal and towards renewables. Only through global co-operation and a willingness from other countries can this threat be overcome.

To read my article on climate change please click here. I was also recently lobbied on this issue by pupils of Battle and Langton School.  To watch my speech in the climate change debate, please click here.




Watch: Huw speaks in the Queen's Speech Debate

After the Queen's Speech a number of debates take place in the House of Commons to discuss the legislative programme that is set out in the speech. I took part in one of these debates on the Environment Bill and more widely the Climate Emergency.