Local Rail Services

As a daily commuter to Parliament, the state of our railway personally impacts me as well so I want to assure constituents that I not only understand but I experience it too and have done so for the last fifteen years as a season-ticket holder.  

I have a real passion for rail. It regenerates areas, connects us with our nation and pushes new frontiers. Having spent 7 years on the Transport Select Committee, the last two as Chairman, I've had a great insight into rail. I appreciate the problems we face and the people who can address them.

I am delighted to have been appointed Minister of State at the Department for Transport by the Prime Minister, with responsibility for Rail and HS2 in October 2022. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges this new role brings and remain focussed on ensuring that rail services, both local and national, deliver for communities and business.




Football Storm and Travel Issues

In the house this week it’s been a case of buses, planes, trains and automobiles for me, as well as a dose of football.    

Watch: Huw asks the Transport Secretary about High Speed 2

As a member of the Transport Select Committee, I’m a supporter of High Speed 2. This rail project will join 8 of our 10 great cities and provide better connectivity for 30 million people. It will provide jobs and has a positive return on investment.

MP calls for rail fare review

Bexhill and Battle MP, Huw Merriman, has criticised the decision to increase rail fares by 2.8% from January 2020. The increased fare is calculated using the July Retail Prices Index (RPI) measure of inflation.

Shutting down Parliament is no way to deliver democracy

This week Parliament has been debating whether it should be prorogued (i.e. shut itself down) during the month of October. The thought that employees would wish to close down their own place of work would be an unusual concept to most. It is to me as well.