Local Rail Services

Constituents are rightly furious with the performance of Southern Rail. As a daily commuter to Parliament, the state of our railway personally impacts me as well so I want to assure constituents that I not only understand but I experience it too and have done so for the last ten years as a season-ticket holder. Due to the appalling service which we are receiving, I spend a huge amount of my Parliamentary time in rail inquiries, meeting with those with influence and responsibility, speaking up for commuters in the House of Commons chamber and in taking other action in Parliament to put pressure on those responsible to give constituents the service which they pay for. My national role on the Transport Select Committee allows me to get to the heart of this matter and challenge those responsible in public and recorded proceedings. Our committee is in the midst of five separate inquiries on rail. Constituents can be assured that, at evidence sessions with Government Ministers, Southern Rail managers and rail union leaders, I champion the cause of improved Southern Rail performance at every turn.

In order to explain fully to constituents what I am personally doing to campaign to resolve the matter I have added below a chronological menu containing all of my constituency rail updates, my Transport Select Committee evidence sessions, speeches given in the chamber and copies of letters to and from those responsible for this matter. I invite constituents to review the news below and then come back to me with any specific issues which I may not yet have covered.    



Transport Select Committee: Southern Rail Visit

The Transport Select Committee today made a visit to Southern Rail to view the driver-only operated trains which have been at the centre of an industrial dispute between the train operator and train unions for almost a year.

Unions standing in the way of progress

Constituents are rightly furious with the state of our local rail services. Southern rail has been crippled again by strikes. Southeastern's services have deteriorated for existing passengers and those searching for a reliable alternative to Southern.

Huw questions Rail Unions in Transport Select Committee

Huw Merriman questioned Mick Whelan, General Secretary, ASLEF, Mick Cash, General Secretary, RMT, and Hugh Roberts, National Officer, Unite in the Transport Select Committee on Rail Safety in relation to the industrial action across the Southern network.