Watch: Huw asks the Transport Secretary about High Speed 2

As a member of the Transport Select Committee, I’m a supporter of High Speed 2. This rail project will join 8 of our 10 great cities and provide better connectivity for 30 million people. It will provide jobs and has a positive return on investment. This return, however, will not be as great if the costs overrun.

Following an announcement that the cost of the project would increase from £56 billion to £78 billion, the Government has scheduled a review on its future. I believe that the reasons for the cost overrun are down to inflation, enhancements which many MPs and campaigners have demanded as the route goes through their area and mismanagement.

Following an Urgent Question on HS2 in the chamber, I asked the new Transport Secretary to ensure that we have a breakdown of this financial overrun. I am still a great believer in this project but it needs tighter financial discipline. Watch his response here: