Listen: My thoughts on how to tackle knife crime

The recent wave of knife attacks has left me shocked and saddened. In just ten weeks, more than ten teenagers have tragically and cruelly lost their lives to knife crime. With a startling 93 per cent increase in knife attacks on teenagers, it is clear that the situation has got completely out of control.

I was invited on to the breakfast show on BBC 5 Live this week to give my thoughts, which you can listen to below.

I made it clear that I believe police numbers have an impact on reducing knife crime, and it is important that we have the resources available to deal with this crime epidemic. However, it is also important to have statutory powers in place and tougher sentences to further deter people from carrying knives. Stop and search is an example of the sort of power that has declined under my government, and I think it is time we looked at using this power more effectively to get knives off our streets.

But knife crime cannot be solved by more resources and more powers alone. That’s why I believe we should adopt a public health approach to knife crime as they have successfully done in Glasgow. We need our healthcare professionals, our police forces and our politicians to work together. This is not the time for political point-scoring. Knife crime is ripping families and communities apart. One victim of knife crime is one too many, regardless of who they are or where they come from. MPs from across the House must now work together to find a solution to this crisis once and for all.

Credit: BBC Radio 5 live - 5 Live Breakfast