Listen: My thoughts on the Eurotunnel payout

With the news that Eurotunnel have been awarded £33m in a court settlement by the government, I was invited by various media organisations to comment on the story. Here are my interviews for those of you who have written in to ask me my thoughts on the case.

It is clear to me that the behaviour of Eurotunnel has been highly unethical in this case. To walk away with £33 million for no more than exploiting a legal technicality is disgraceful. Eurotunnel does not operate a ferry service at present, so it is unjustifiable to assume that their business has been harmed to the tune of £33 million, which must now be fronted by UK taxpayers.

There of course remain tough questions for the Department of Transport to answer, and it is important that we understand why the tendering process was so limited and why the department considers such an extortionate fee as reasonable compensation. As a member of the Transport Select Committee, tasked with scrutinising cases like this, I aim to make sure we get the answers we need, and I look forward to hearing from the Secretary of State on the matter.

Crucially for me, this case makes clear that the best way to resolve these worrying issues concerning emergency planning of a no-deal Brexit is for MPs across the house to come together and vote for the deal that the Prime Minister and our partners in Europe have agreed to. This is the practical step forward we need to secure our future outside the EU.

You can listen to my BBC Radio 4 PM interview here:

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