Speeches in Parliament

Local MP calls for social care reform

Huw has been lobbying Government for extra funds for East Sussex. In welcoming the extra funding in the Local Government settlement, he spoke in House of Commons to thank Parish, Town, District & County Cllrs for their work. He then focussed on radical reform to social care funding so we can care for more people locally and fund other services.

Huw speaks on Youth Violence debate

Huw spoke about knife crime in the Youth Violence debate which took place in Parliament last week. He spoke of his time working in a youth centre in Brixton where he helped young people get out of gangs and violence.

Huw speaks on the delay in the Meaningful Vote

With the Meaningful Vote being delayed due to Parliament being unwilling to support the deal, Huw spoke in the House of Commons about the need to compromise, to honour the result of the referendum and back a deal which allows a new relationship with the European Union.

MP speaks on Offensive Weapons Bill

The Offensive Weapons Bill debate took place in Parliament this week. The Bill will put into place a wide-ranging set of powers to tackle acid attacks and knife crime as well as minimising the risk of criminals obtaining firearms.

Huw asks what role the BBC can play in promoting local democracy

This week, parliament discussed the role the government can play in preserving local newspapers, amidst news that Johnston Press had gone into administration. The company publishes more than 200 newspapers operating at both the local and national level.

House of Commons Bus Inquiry Opens

In our large rural constituency, bus services are hugely important and I share the concern about reductions in timetables. As a member of the Transport Select Committee, I am pleased we have started our Buses inquiry.

MP asks whether NHS is prepared for coming winter

In this week’s Health Questions, Huw asked the Health Secretary Matt Hancock whether the department had made any assessment of the resilience of the NHS as the winter months approach.