Watch: Questions about Bexhill Testing Centre

In today's Urgent Question on Coronavirus and Care Homes, I raised with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care getting more care workers through the Bexhill Coronavirus Testing Centre. The delay in getting it linked up to the central system has been frustrating. However, I was encouraged by the response from Matt Hancock.

Watch below:



Huw Merriman (Bexhill and Battle)

“The Secretary of State is doing an extraordinary job in the most challenging of times. He will be aware that we have a testing centre down in Bexhill that is available to care home workers for testing, but if they follow the Government advice and go on the website, they will be directed further afield to Brighton or Gatwick. Will he help me to ensure that that testing centre is made available to care workers so that they have more protection locally?”

Matt Hancock

“Yes, absolutely. My hon. Friend texted me about that last week. I should have fixed it by now, then I would not have had the question. It absolutely needs to be sorted. We are working on it. We rolled out the testing centres at an unbelievable pace during April, so I hope he will forgive me and allow me to take a couple more days to fix the problem.”