Inspired by Young People

Last Friday, I walked down the road from my constituency office to the Bexhill Hive - Bexhill's new hub for creative learning and development for young people and adults. I last visited when it was a building site.

Wheels of regeneration keep turning

During the summer recess, I'm aiming to cover much of the 200 square miles of constituency on my bike. This would be a leisurely exercise were we to be living in the Cambridgeshire Fens.

Schools, pensions and rail fill my week

This week we received the news that the Government is to pump an additional £1.3bl in to our schools. As I have written many times before, I appreciate that School Funding is at record levels but the costs which schools are bearing has outstripped the increases.

Parliament hears of local road and rail needs

This week, I did my best to ensure that the needs of our local road and rail network were brought to Parliament and aired before the Road and Rail Ministers respectively.

Looking at priorities to work together

Being returned as your MP meant I immediately returned to Parliament on the Monday after the General Election. It is nice to see some new faces in Westminster but sad not to see those more familiar, such as my colleague from Eastbourne, Caroline Ansell, one of the nicest people in politics.

General Election: Observer Column

Like the rest of the country, Tuesday's announcement to call a General Election caught me by surprise. I was in my Westminster office, answering constituent emails, when my staff member popped his head around the door to ask what I thought 'the announcement' was all about.