Watch: the Rule of Six

I have received a large amount of correspondence from constituents regarding confusion over the new "Rule of Six". During the Secretary of State's statement on Coronavirus I asked whether the Government could allow flexibility in the rules and exclude under 12s.



Huw Merriman

"May I ask the Secretary of State about the rule of six? Many of my constituents struggle to understand why they can play five-a-side football but two connected families of five each cannot meet. Will the Secretary of State look at flexibility when local rates permit, and also at excluding under-12s from the rule? Christmas is just around the corner. I know he has to think of the health of the nation, but I really urge some flexibility on the part of the Government."

Matt Hancock

"Of course, I do worry first and foremost about the health of the nation, and we need a rule that is super-simple. Children do transmit this virus, and we have made the decision to keep the rule as simple as possible considering all those risks. I understand where my hon. Friend is coming from. We take a different approach in different areas according to the extent of cases locally, and that is an important tool in our armoury."