Huw Merriman visits Little Gate Farm

Little Gate Farm is an innovative care farm project based in Beckley. The farm helps vulnerable young people and adults to develop farm and woodland skills which in turn helps equip its users with self confidence, enterprise and employment skills. The farm is the brain-child of Claire Cordell who, with Kevin Southon, the new workplacement manager, showed Huw around the farm introducing him to the whole enterprise, its staff and the young people and adults who are enrolled.

Huw said “Little Gate Farm is a fantastic example of how we should recognise, and develop, the skills which vulnerable people have to offer the workplace. The placements are designed to enrich the lives of young people after they have left school and equip them for the workplace. Thanks to Claire and the team, many young people have the skills and confidence to succeed in a job. If elected, I hope to work with the team to promote the organisation, and its users, with businesses across the constituency and help more young people succeed with jobs of their own."