Speeches in Parliament

Debate on Transport

Today Huw gave a speech in the debate on Transport. In the speech Huw drew attention to local transport in East Sussex, the A259 and the Transport Select Committee Report on Community Transport.

Mental Health Act: CQC Report

In the chamber today, Huw asked a question in the debate on the Mental Health Act: Care Quality Commission.

UK Fisheries Policy

Today Huw spoke in the Westminster Hall Debate on Future UK Fisheries Policy. You can watch Huw speak here: https://goo.gl/dQxX6s and read his speech below.


GP Services

Today Huw asked a question on GP Services in the chamber. You can watch Huw ask his question here: https://goo.gl/n2w3Cv and read the exchange below.


 What steps he is taking to increase the capacity and availability of GP services.