Speeches in Parliament

Debate on Abortion in Northern Ireland

Abortion is a sensitive subject and I respect all views on the matter. In my own mind, and within limits on term, I have been very clear that it should be for the individual to make a decision and not for the state.

Debating the NHS in Parliament

Today in Parliament, when debating the NHS I talked positively about what the last Labour Government and current Conservative Government have done.

Huw speaks on Network Rail Services

In a debate in Parliament, I spoke positively in Parliament about our rail industry. Like much in life, there is too much negativity in the media with no focus on the many positives. Compared to our EU neighbours, our safety, performance, passenger numbers and investment is top of the class.

Huw welcomes the UNICEF Soccer Aid Match in Parliament

Following my trip to Africa with UNICEF to see how Soccer Aid money is helping young people, I invited the Speaker to join the Parliamentary Soccer Aid team and asked the Secretary of State for International Development if she would join me in thanking everyone who gives their time and money to such a worthy cause.

Transport Select Committee: East Coast Main Line

Today the Transport Select Committee met to continue their inquiry into the East Coast Main Line.

Witnesses included: The Rt Hon Lord Adonis, and Elaine Holt, Former Chief Executive, Directly Operated Railways