Speeches in Parliament

Transport Select Committee: Rail timetable changes

In a Transport Committee session where Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and a number of other ministers from the Transport department were questioned on the timetable changes that led to severe delays for passengers back in May, I asked the ministers whether there should be an independent verif

MP speaks in debate on Breast Cancer

Huw spoke about the future of breast cancer in a debate. He paid tribute to those living with the disease and those caring for them.

Huw Commends Work Coaches

In a lively Commons debate, Huw asked the Employment minister to acknowledge the hard work done by work coaches to help people transform their lives.

Video here: https://goo.gl/M5bxtV

Victim Strategy: MP says defendants often have an 'upper-hand' over victims

In a debate on the Victims Strategy, which sets out the government's commitment to support victims of all violent crimes and offences, Huw asked the Justice minister what measures would be taken to minimise distress to victims caused by the behaviour of defendants during the criminal justice proc