Budget gives hope to next generation

This week, the Chancellor unveiled his Budget to the House of Commons. I remember my first budget, and being somewhat embarrassed when MPs around me starting whooping and waving their order papers in the air.

Back on track with Southern Railway

Having used this column to grapple for optimism, or bemoan the latest setback, I am delighted that the 09.17 Southern service has now left 'hopeful' and arrived at 'resolution'. Yes, an end really is in sight for the terrible industrial relations afflicting Southern Rail.

NHS staff must be protected at work

A positive event happened in Parliament last week: a debate which brought a rare consensus to the House of Commons chamber. The cause? A debate around a new law to protect emergency workers from assault.

Making a mark for younger voters

I never miss the opportunity to encourage young people in schools and colleges across the constituency to find their voice.

Use your voice to keep us on track

Making your voice heard is not just about voting in elections but continuously driving your elected representatives with your opinions and ideas to influence what we do.

Leaving the EU

A large number of constituents have contacted me regarding the current process around Britain leaving the European Union.

Why the EU Withdrawal Bill got my vote

With the referendum result being won by the majority who voted to leave the EU, and with 492 out of 650 MPs voting to trigger Article 50 earlier this year, we are now in to the mechanics of leaving the EU and negotiating a new relationship with our EU partners and other countries across the world

Inspired by Young People

Last Friday, I walked down the road from my constituency office to the Bexhill Hive - Bexhill's new hub for creative learning and development for young people and adults. I last visited when it was a building site.