It's Snow Way to Run Democracy

I hope that all readers are keeping safe and warm during this period of cold weather. My late father was a devoted amateur weatherman. As my mother once said, 'When I married your father, I married the weather.' He would certainly have enjoyed this week.

Counting the cost of a working margin

Last week in Parliament, the focus from MPs was on the levels of central funding which will be given to our local councils and services. The current Government has made it an aim to see councils becoming self-sufficient.

Make Way for the Builders

This week, MPs gave notice to quit Parliament. Please do not panic. This is not a third General Election in three years, but a decision that the crumbling state of the historic building means the time has finally come to restore and renew it.

Looking Ahead to a Postive 2018

With the Christmas season in full flow, it is more specifically a case of 'In the Kitchen' for me. Just as well that cooking is, along with gardening, how I like to keep myself busy when work permits. How fortunate we are at having so many great local shops to provide the festive feast.

Positivity, optimism and a bright future

Christmas is almost upon us. Our part of the country is a special one and comes in to its own at this time of year. Despite being in the bustling South East, we have the solace of countryside and coastal beauty which helps build a community of help and friendship.

Budget gives hope to next generation

This week, the Chancellor unveiled his Budget to the House of Commons. I remember my first budget, and being somewhat embarrassed when MPs around me starting whooping and waving their order papers in the air.

Back on track with Southern Railway

Having used this column to grapple for optimism, or bemoan the latest setback, I am delighted that the 09.17 Southern service has now left 'hopeful' and arrived at 'resolution'. Yes, an end really is in sight for the terrible industrial relations afflicting Southern Rail.