Watch: Altered temporary structure frameworks

I welcome the recent legislation aimed at making it easier for businesses to open up on the High Street, but the addition of temporary structures have still needed planning consent. I asked the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, whether the Government would consider legislating further in order to grant permitted development rights for temporary structures, and in doing so reduce the barriers to small local businesses from reopening. 

Watch his answer below:




Huw Merriman

“The Secretary of State and his Housing Minister are welcome to come for a bit of al fresco dining in Bexhill and Battle whenever they are around. I give credit to both of them for the way in which they ​have helped to reform the planning system so that high streets can reopen. Will they take further steps, if required, particularly in respect of temporary structures, where help with permitted development rights could be given, if that were so needed?”


Robert Jenrick

“I am grateful to my hon. Friend for those kind words. We are certainly open to further measures that we can take to make the lives of small businesspeople across the country easier as they seek to recover their businesses and livelihoods after the pandemic. In particular, I can give him reassurance that the existing legal framework that enables one to put up a temporary structure for 28 days is being extended to 56 days during 2020 to enable, for example, a pub to put up a marquee, a restaurant to do the same, or a market to operate for longer than it would ordinarily do—all designed to help local businesses to prosper in the weeks and months to come.”