Listen: My thoughts on the Eurotunnel payout

With the news that Eurotunnel have been awarded £33m in a court settlement by the government, I was invited by various media organisations to comment on the story. Here are my interviews for those of you who have written in to ask me my thoughts on the case.

Local MP calls for reform of sale of knives

Following the recent spate of knife attacks and the tragic loss of young life, Huw took to the chamber to ask the Home Secretary Sajid Javid whether he would look again at the proposal to make sure knives sold in retail outlets are prohibited from being anywhere outside of a locked cabinet.

Brexit decision is an invidious choice

It’s been another tumultuous, and disappointing, fortnight in Parliament. A new party has been formed, and I lost three of my own colleagues to join eight from the Labour Party. The principle driver for this split was a demand from these eleven MPs for a second EU referendum.

European Union Withdrawal Update February 28th 2019

Over the past few weeks I have received a large volume of correspondence from constituents expressing various views on Brexit and how they wish for me, as their local MP, to represent them in the House of Commons.

Huw champions work of Department for International Development

For less than a penny in every pound, it is estimated that UK aid saves a life every two minutes. The Aid Transparency Index which measures effective aid spending, ranks the Department for International Development's (DFID) spending as the third most effective in the world and ‘very good’.

Local MP highlights success of universal credit

In a noisy chamber, Huw made the case for economic and welfare reforms which have helped reduce the unemployment numbers by a million since 2010 (a part of the story which has seen an extra 3.4 million jobs being created).

Huw asks Minister to help tackle drug use

An excellent investigation from the team at BBC South East highlighted a worrying trend in the use of Ketamine and the local lives ruined as a result.