Olympians Inspire Us to Chase Dreams

Our 24 hour, 7 day a week, rolling media service can normally be relied upon to persuade us that there is more bad news in this country than good.

Let's tackle speedsters and criminals

Last week I met with the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable of Sussex Police to discuss policing and law and order matters which constituents have raised with me.

Southern Rail and Transport under scrutiny

Whilst the TV cameras focus on the House of Commons chamber, the forensic scrutiny of government and industry is being tackled in committee. For me, this means the Transport Select Committee of which I am an elected member.

Embracing a new European Settlement

Much has happened in the fortnight since my last column. The nation has voted to withdraw from the EU and our Prime Minister has resigned along with most of the opposition front-bench.

Remembering my colleague Jo Cox MP

Last week, we lost our colleague Jo Cox. Jo was elected as an MP only a year ago and she clearly left a mark of public service on her constituents and many more who she had not met during her life but who, following her tragic passing, clearly felt a connection from further afield.

EU vote doesn't stop normal business

Whilst constituents may be given the impression that the forthcoming EU referendum dominates everything in Parliament, I can reassure you that I have been finding plenty of time to campaign on the domestic issues which impact our ability to enjoy good health and get from home to work or study.

Debating the Queen's Speech

Last week, the Queen performed the State Opening of Parliament. This event is a wonderful display of pomp and ceremony which reflects on the traditions and history of our Parliament. One of these traditions is the Queen’s Speech during which Her Majesty outlines the Government's plans for legislation for the year.

I'm part of a listening Government - Academies

Having spoken in the House of Commons about my concerns for proposals to force all schools to become academies, I was delighted that the Government has rethought its policy and will leave outstanding or good schools to make this decision for themselves (assuming that the local education authority is performing).

My role on the Council of Europe

As well as having my seat in the House of Commons, I am one of twenty MPs who have been appointed to the Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. This group meets for four weeks of the year to debate issues impacting human rights, democracy, economic development and foreign affairs across its 47 member countries, which stretch from Iceland to the Ukraine, accounting for 820 million inhabitants. I have been sitting in Strasbourg this last week.

Transported back to the House

After our Easter break, which consisted of time spent on constituency casework and visits and a brief holiday in Hampshire, we are back in the House. For some bizarre reason, the authorities deem it a good idea to hold all statements about the preceding fortnight on the first day back (rather than spreading them over a few days for better consideration).