Britain is leaving the single market

We are leaving the European Union. Many readers may have thought that this news was established last June. For those less sure, the Prime Minister's speech this week should leave no one in any doubt that Britain will be leaving not just the EU but the single market and its customs union.

Lobbying for more intervention

Christmas is almost upon us. On Tuesday, Parliament broke up and I am now back to the constituency for a couple of weeks. Like many of you who make the same journey, I am looking forward to a break from the daily commute from East Sussex to London.

Unions standing in the way of progress

Constituents are rightly furious with the state of our local rail services. Southern rail has been crippled again by strikes. Southeastern's services have deteriorated for existing passengers and those searching for a reliable alternative to Southern.

Our county needs an investment boost

Parliament was this week dominated by the Autumn Statement, which details the state of our nation's finances and how we can spend.

Auschwitz visit served as a reminder

This Sunday, many of us will remember and commemorate all those constituents from times past who laid down their lives to defend us from tyranny.

Time for MPs to start delivering Brexit

Last week I had to return home early from my Council of Europe meetings in Strasbourg to attend the weekly Opposition Day Debate in the House of Commons. The debate was about whether we should have a future debate about leaving Europe.

Raising standards in care for elderly

Last week marked the opening of the Orangery, a state of the art apartment block in Sidley for the over 60s with care facilities for those who need it in their advancing years. Residents who part-buy, or rent, live independently but can purchase more care as the years progress.

Why aiding refugees abroad makes sense

Much of my time is spent trying to improve the situation which constituents find themselves in. It is sometimes important for us to appreciate how fortunate we are for what we have. This was brought home to me having spent a week in Jordan with Save the Children.

The varied life of an MP keeps me busy

The job of an MP is a varied one, as I reminded myself when setting off to Westminster from East Sussex at 5am with my car boot full of honey. My cargo was destined for the first All Party Parliamentary Group for Bees' Honey Fair.