Schools Funding

Fair Funding for Local Schools

On being elected, I have visited almost every one of our local primary and secondary schools. We have a great community of schools, led by excellent Headteachers, their staff and local governors. 

Schools are facing challenges in balancing their budgets due to recent increases in wages and entitlements for staff. This is a welcome pay rise for hardworking staff but schools need more funding to cover the extra spending. A failure to provide this will lead to reductions in the classroom. 

Through my work speaking in Parliament, lobbying Government Ministers and in working with my local schools, I hope to advance the case that further investment (on top of the record £40bl being spent on schools by the Government) will help schools meet the current challenges and ensure more children get on in life. 


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Celebrate the resilience of young people

Congratulations to students who received their grades this week. This has been a very different assessment and marking experience, reflecting a very different educational experience over the last two years.

Watch: Huw welcomes school funding announcement

I am passionate about education and have long been campaigning for fairer funding for schools in Bexhill and Battle, and so I welcomed the Chancellor of the Exchequer's announcement of a £7.1 billion increase in funding for schools over the next few years.

MP champions the importance of PE and school sport

Huw Merriman, MP for Heathfield, visited Cross in Hand CE Primary School last Friday, on their annual Sports Day, to celebrate the importance of PE and school sport to young people’s wellbeing.

Local MP speaks up for equality in school funding at PMQs

Huw Merriman, MP for the Bexhill and Battle constituency, continued his campaign for fairer school funding during Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons yesterday and in Education Questions earlier this week.

PMQs: Calling for fairer school funding

In my second PMQ in two weeks  I asked a question on behalf of my Mum (a former teacher) on the need for more school funding, particularly for those areas that currently have the lowest funded schools (such as ours).

Lobbying for more school funding

Last Friday, I met with Caroline Barlow, Headteacher at Heathfield Community College, to be given a copy of the school funding letter which was sent by heads across the constituency to parents.