Health and Social Care

Ensuring that constituents receive the best Health and Adult Social Care for their needs, has been a huge priority for me since my election in 2015. With a proportion of elderly constituents way above the national average, I speak regularly in Parliament as to the needs of the constituency. In East Sussex, our local NHS and County Council teams have taken the bold step to move their health and social care budgets together to ensure that the money is following the patient. This ‘Better Together’ programme should mean fewer hospital stays and faster discharges. My support for this programme, and the other changes being made nationally and locally, features heavily in all that I say and do on this subject. For 2017, I will be condensing all of my news, views and contributions in to this special Health and Social Care website section for constituents to better understand the improvements and the challenges in this area. Please do let me know if you wish to share your experience of Health and Social Care provision (be this positive or negative). 


NHS Winter Crisis

Today Huw asked a question to the Minister of State for the Department of Health on the NHS Winter Crisis. You can watch Huw's speech here: and read the exchange below.

Health Secretary Congratulates Local Hospital Trust

Speaking in the House of Commons this week, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, praised the local East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust which runs the Conquest, District and General and Bexhill Hospitals.

Huws speaks on Autism

During the House of Commons debate on Special Education Needs, Huw asked a question on autism. You can view Huw's question here: and read the exchange below: 

MP Calls on More Action for Elderly Care

Speaking in Parliament last week, Bexhill and Battle MP, Huw Merriman, called for reform to enable local elderly and vulnerable residents to be given better care.

NHS staff must be protected at work

A positive event happened in Parliament last week: a debate which brought a rare consensus to the House of Commons chamber. The cause? A debate around a new law to protect emergency workers from assault.