Carers Week in Parliament

To mark Carers Week, it was great to spend an hour in Parliament with representatives of the many organisations who work so hard to support carers in the constituency. These organisations had come together in Parliament to explain the current challenges for carers and to lobby MPs to do more.

Huw asks about High Street bank closures 

We have lost many of our High Street banks over the last few years. This causes challenges for constituents who cannot travel, particularly pensioners and the disabled.

Legislating for EU Withdrawal

On Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th June, the EU Withdrawal Bill will be coming back to the House of Commons to consider amendments made in the House of Lords. It has been mentioned whether twelve hours of debate time is sufficient to consider these amendments. Given that the House of Commons has debated this bill for 65 hours already, and these amendments are along the lines already debated, I believe this time is more than ample. For reasons expanded on elsewhere, I have always been clear how I would be voting throughout the process to effect our departure from the EU so I will not be voting for any amendments put forward by those attempting to frustrate our departure from the EU

Parliament backs rural policing

Having lived in a rural part of East Sussex for over ten years, I am well aware of the concerns which remote areas have about crime and police resourcing. Whilst crime has reduced by a fifth since 2010, it has shown signs of an increase in the last year.

Rother Valley Railway

A number of constituents have written to me regarding the Rother Valley Railway.  

Debate on Abortion in Northern Ireland

Abortion is a sensitive subject and I respect all views on the matter. In my own mind, and within limits on term, I have been very clear that it should be for the individual to make a decision and not for the state.