Watch: Social Distancing and Public Transport

The Prime Minister made a statement today where he announced the news welcome to many that the social distancing rules were being relaxed as the infection rate continues to decline. Of importance to businesses was the reduction of the 2 metre rule to 1 metre. This will also impact transport so I asked the Prime Minister whether he would look again at the rules if demand exceeds social distancing supply on public transport.

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Huw Merriman (Bexhill and Battle)

"The 2 metre social distancing rule has meant that only 15% of tube passengers are able to travel. That figure will now rise to 25%, with the Prime Minister’s welcome reduction of the rule to 1 metre. In the event that demand exceeds that 25% supply, the R rate continues to fall, and PPE is used, will the Prime Minister look again at the distancing rules, to ensure that our economy and customers can move around?"

The Prime Minister

"Absolutely. The guidance remains that people should avoid public transport if they can, but if they must use it, they should wear a face covering. I think that is the right balance at the moment."


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