Watch: Huw raises question of airline insolvency reform

Yesterday, Huw asked the Transport Minister, Paul Maynard, if the Government would look to allow airlines to continue to operate whilst in administration, following the success of the method in the United States. 


Transcript of their exchange below: 

Huw Merriman

"Many airlines that face these types of difficulties would get more certainty and would be more able to get through them if they were allowed to continue to operate while ​in administration. Airlines in the States have done just that, and have returned and are now succeeding. Will the Government look into that type of reform when they press on with the insolvency review, which I hope will happen in the early part of this Parliament?"


Paul Maynard

"I am sure my hon. Friend will welcome the airline insolvency Bill and the work going on, in the light of the Green Paper, to improve consumer protection across the airline sector as a whole."