Supporting local business expansion

Huw joined District Councillors in Pevensey, Westham and Stone Cross to visit two new business which are expanding and bringing new job opportunities to the area.

Stone Cross Nurseries are drawing up plans to enhance their business and create a vibrant gardening experience for shoppers and visitors alike. Huw and local District Councillors met with owner Gary Windwood to get his views on the economic climate and discuss his plans to increase employment opportunities for our residents. Priory Court Hotel is reopening for business after being completely redeveloped and modernised as a restaurant, venue and hotel. Owner Peter Lawton told Huw, and District Councillors Lin Clark, Dianne Dear and Bill Tooley, and Council Candidate, Kevin Balsdon, of the challenging environment small businesses operate within. Huw said ‘Businessmen like Gary and Peter have the vision which will give local people more employment and leisure opportunities. I want to champion Conservative policies to support local businesses to expand and invest’.