My week of work experience in the constituency - Tess Winchester

Before my week in the constituency office, I found it easy to overlook the importance of an MP in their constituency, especially when the media tends to focus on Parliament and the national changes that occur. However, I now have a much greater understanding of the work an MP does in their constituent and the significance it carries, as well as the invaluable support that is provided by the office; Frances, Penny and Craig.

Throughout the week, I had the opportunity to experience a variety of events; ranging from visiting the Tarmac Ninfield Blocks Factory and meeting Charlie Wills, an inspirational young fundraiser, who is cycling 25 miles to raise money for the homeless, to acknowledging the excellent work done in the Crowhurst Nature Reserve. I also attended The Cooden Probus meeting, of which Huw attended as a guest speaker. It was refreshing to see the older generation discussing politics, specifically in relation to NHS and Brexit.  I found this meeting particularly engaging because it allowed me to compare my younger generational views to people with a greater amount of life experience.

Within the constituency office, I began to realise the significance that Frances, Penny and Craig play in supporting Huw. Having them explaining what they do on a day-to-day basis as case workers was extremely enlightening. It amazed me the mass of people and the great variety of problems that the office assisted with; whether it be related to homelessness, mental health, or potholes.

Ultimately, I am extremely grateful for this experience as I feel I have a much greater understanding of the role an MP has on a local and national level. I have a great amount of respect for not only Huw, but also the team that support him in the constituency office. This experience has been enlightening and further consolidated my love for politics too. Thank you to Frances, Huw, Penny and Craig.