My Vote

After chairing debates, listening to the arguments and explaining both sides at over 30 public meetings and schools in the constituency, I have cast my vote in the EU Referendum and the polls are now closed. I want to thank all members of the community who have spoken and engaged in the democratic process. I also want to thank the 25 schools who took up my offer to chair debates or explain the EU referendum to their pupils. We have great schools in our community. Today, at a debate at St Richards Catholic College in Bexhill, two students stood up in their hall and explained, with passion, why we should leave or remain in the EU. I have attached their campaign videos because both brought out positive reasons to vote for each cause. I voted to Remain in the EU. If the UK has voted to Leave then I will look forward to helping put the UK on a firm footing outside of the EU. If the UK has voted to Remain, I will do my best to lobby for the EU to become an institution that we can all work with. Remain video: Leave video: