MP speaks on Offensive Weapons Bill

The Offensive Weapons Bill debate took place in Parliament this week. The Bill will put into place a wide-ranging set of powers to tackle acid attacks and knife crime as well as minimising the risk of criminals obtaining firearms.

Local MP Huw Merriman spoke passionately in the debate about reforming and reviewing gun clubs to make sure they operate in a safe and secure manner. His speech comes in light of a local tragedy where a breach in a gun club left to a tragic loss of life. Huw acknowledged that gun clubs were a place where people could engage in legitimate behaviour but urged the Home Office to not place these genuine shooting interests above the welfare of constituents. MP’s were “dutybound” he said to not dismiss the risks of gun club breaches as too small, instead they “should look to make sure those risks are minimised even further.”

His full speech can be viewed here:

Later in the debate, Huw asked the Home Office minister to do more to tackle knife crime by using  cross-party ideas if the measures in the Bill do not work as hoped. Video here: