MP frustrated at lack of communication between rail operators and passengers

In the Chamber today, Huw expressed frustration at the lack of communication between rail operators and the impact of this on passengers, particularly those with disabilities. The Transport Minister Jo Johnson assured him that the Department would pay careful attention to the matter. Video:

Full Text:

Huw Merriman (Bexhill and Battle) (Con)

On behalf of the huge number of passengers who were delayed getting into London today, may I invite the rail Minister to give an enormous, if perhaps metaphorical, kick up the backside to the train operators, which should tell us not to get off trains when the tube station there is closed, to Network Rail, which should tell us the same thing as we walk through the station, and to Transport for London for perhaps not letting those organisations know in the first place? It is not good enough when disabled people have to walk to one part of a station only to find it is closed, and then to get back on their train and have to be told by other passengers not to do so. We pay for the service; we should not have to run it.

Joseph Johnson

There is clearly an important lesson to be learned regarding communication between the operating companies and passengers, and I will ensure that the Department gives it careful attention.