Miles Howell - Work Experience

I have had a long-standing interest in politics and so was pleased to have the opportunity to spend a fortnight at the Houses of Parliament working for my local MP Huw Merriman. During the several days I spent there I felt I was fully immersed in the heart of the political world in Britain as went to such events as debates and committees. I did not know what to exactly expect but the taste I got showed me what it was like day-to-day of being a Member of Parliament.

I visited the House of Commons and went into the gallery where I saw the Prime Minister engaging in debate with other politicians on the important issues of the day (such as the release of the Chilcot Report) as well as seeing Huw speak out as well on matters such as the Junior Doctors rejection of their new contract and recent the rise in hate crimes across the country. Throughout my two weeks working for Huw I went to several meetings such as one to do with a strike on Southern Rail, Immigration cases and a Finance Bill. I also helped Huw to answer his emails and did political research on the issue of Fracking.

I also went around with Huw dealing with business in the constituency where I went to a breakfast business meeting at Cooden Beach Hotel. There I saw how an MP engages with local businessmen and financial representatives on their specifics concerns regarding the constituency such the impact the EU referendum result will have and the state of local infrastructure such as roads. After that we went to the awards ceremony at Frewen College where Huw made a speech to the pupils and handed out prizes to those achievers.

This placement has made me even more engaged in politics than I already was and what it is like for those involved. These last two weeks have left me more eager to experience working in the Houses of Parliament.