Local MP champions abortion rights for women in Northern Ireland

Following a visit to Northern Ireland with Amnesty International last year, Huw remains committed to finding a solution to equalise the rights to access abortion across the whole of the United Kingdom. One such proposal for changing the law would be via the Government’s proposed Domestic Abuse Bill. It has been announced that this Bill will not include relevance to Northern Ireland so Huw took the opportunity to ask the Home Office Minister which law could be used as a means to change. The Supreme Court has ruled that the law in Northern Ireland is incompatible with UK Treaty obligations on Human Rights. Legislation is therefore needed to remedy this deficiency. With no devolved Administration or Assembly in Northern Ireland, and also because it is Parliament which is responsible for complying with treaty law, Huw believes that MPs must act.  

Watch the exchange with the Minister here: https://goo.gl/nDPBf7