Huw speaks out against the suspension of the National Minimum Wage naming scheme

During an urgent question to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Huw spoke of the need to continue to name and shame companies that breach the National Minimum Wage arguing that it was essential that workers’ rights are protected and people are paid a fair wage for the work they do.

The minister confirmed that HMRC will investigate any complaint made to them of underpayment and went on to say that naming and shaming shouldn’t be limited to big companies, it should also apply to smaller companies. The scheme should also be used as a tool for workers to understand that where there is a detriment they can take action.

Bexhill and Battle is among the top ten of constituencies with the highest proportion of workers on the National Minimum Wage - Huw vowed to continue to fight against companies underpaying staff saying that such unfair practices not only impacts workers, it also impacts those companies who are paying a fair wage and value their employees.

Watch the exchange below: