Huw speaks in debate on Gaza Border Violence

Today, Huw asked Foreign Office Minister, Alistair Burt, how the UK can partner with Egypt to influence Israel and Palestinian groups to cease violence. You can watch Huw's question here:, and read below.


What conversations has the Minister had with his counterparts in the Egyptian Government, who have great influence both through having a dialogue with Hamas and through partnering with the Israelis regarding the Gaza military blockade?

Alistair Burt:

That is a very good question. Personally, I have not had many conversations with the Egyptian Government recently, but I know that our representatives in Cairo do. My hon. Friend is absolutely right that Cairo has an important role to play. It has played an important role in dealing with terrorism in the Sinai and relationships with Israel and in opening up to some degree what is happening in Gaza and helping with the reconciliation process. Egypt is a valuable partner in this push for peace and a better future in the region.