Huw praises free museum in Pevensey

Huw called into Pevensey Court House Museum and Gaol during the summer to see the latest additions to the museum’s collections and the restored prison cells of this small but significant building in Pevensey.

Pevensey Court House dates back to Tudor times and still has the original court benches, dock and robing room. Beneath the Court House are prison cells of the old gaol which hosted some interesting local characters over the centuries and even a German Airman who was captured during World War II.

The museum is packed full of fascinating facts and information about the history of Pevensey; once an important port with a significant Saxon and Roman history well before William the Conqueror landed his invasion army here ahead of the infamous Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Peter Harrison, Honorary Curator, explained the museum’s history to Huw and discussed the new exhibits which include an exact replica of the section of the Bayeux Tapestry which portrays William’s army landing at Pevensey and a specially commissioned painting depicting William holding a victory gathering at Pevensey before his return to Normandy, 6 months after the Battle of Hastings.

Robert Slater, Chairman of Pevensey Town Trust, discussed with Huw how free opening and banners in the Car Park had tripled the visitor numbers this year.

Huw said “Although small, the Pevensey Court House Museum and Gaol is a real gem of a museum in Pevensey. It is full of interesting exhibits and information about the history of what was a very significant town over the centuries. The Pevensey Town Trust do a fantastic job at preserving and enhancing this museum which is now completely free to visit. I was really pleased to hear that the museum has tripled its visitor numbers this year and full credit goes to everyone who has worked so hard to ensure visitors have an engaging and informative visit.”