Huw Merriman visits Ninfield Housing Development

Huw joined Ninfield and Hooe District Cllr, Pam Doodes, to discuss the proposals to build a new housing development on the edge of Ninfield. There are concerns that two applications totalling over 100 new dwellings could be approved in a village which currently holds 650 households. Cllr Doodes is opposing the development and told Huw why the village’s public services cannot accommodate such a large expansion. Huw said “I am conscious that these planning applications are causing great concern in Ninfield. Whilst this is a matter for the planning authorities, I am concerned at the implications which this large-scale development would bring. As we are looking to build up to 2,000 homes just a few miles in to Bexhill, I remain unconvinced as to the need to build on such a scale in Ninfield.”