Leaving the EU - Disclosing Views to Parliament (Exiting the EU: Sectoral Impact Assessments)

Wednesday, 1 November, 2017

In the House of Commons, I spoke up for transparency and the need for Government to keep Parliament updated on the views, analysis and positions collected across Whitehall. My reasons for so doing, in addition to accountability, are fuelled by a feeling that the UK's future outside the EU can be a bright one so we should have little to fear by disclosure. A bright future is more likely to occur if Parliament embraces, and talks up, our future prospects. With 498 out of 650 MPs voting to trigger Article 50, causing the UK to leave the EU, Parliament needs to be more confident and lead from the front.

You can watch my speech by clicking on the link below. As you may notice, I feel passionately about this matter:

Link: https://goo.gl/whCUk5