Covid-19: Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus

This is an unprecedented challenge and one of great concern. The Government is tackling this issue with the immense health and scientific expertise which we have available to us. I have exchanged messages with the Prime Minister. He accepts that there will be tough times ahead but is resolute that we will get through this.

We live in an area which has the highest average age in the UK. This makes it even more important that residents take care of themselves, and others. Everyone in Parliament and Government is determined that we will get the country through this. 

As you can imagine, we are experiencing an unprecedented level of casework from individuals with unique challenges. I have therefore provided information and links to official advice and will continue to update as the situation changes. Please do check these first and if your query is not answered then I, and my small team, will do our best to help.

Useful links: Gov.UKBBC NewsNHSNews from Parliament.

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Changing the way we do business

When this column first appeared in 2015, we thought ‘In the House’ would be a good title to show what goes on inside Parliament. Never did I think that it would refer to MPs participating in Parliament ‘in their House’. This has been the virtual order for the week as Parliament returned from Easter.

Hospital Need

It’s important that those who need hospital treatment for reasons other than Coronavirus still seek the treatment and not leave it too late. 

Coronavirus Policing Update

My weekly call with our Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner of Sussex Police shows that reported crime in Sussex is down by 20 to 30%.

We Must Stand Firm and Stand Strong

I must start by thanking those who work on the Coronavirus front-line across our hospitals, care sector, shops and communities to deliver the care and essential services which we are still receiving in Rother and Wealden. You are all truly amazing.

Extraordinary Measures for Extraordinary Times

As you would expect, the Coronavirus epidemic rightly dominated the week in Westminster. We’ve rushed through legislation to ensure that our health, care and other essential public workers have the extra flexibility they now need to do their job.