Leaving the EU

In the referendum, I voted for the UK to remain in the EU. I enjoyed the public meetings I held across the constituency but, having not campaigned on one side or the other, I was always going to abide by the result. With 52% of the votes being cast to leave the EU, we will be leaving the EU. This referendum was not advisory. Parliament transferred its voting powers on this decision to the people. We cannot raise the threshold to 75% or change the rules after the event. The views of the 48% who voted the way that I did need to be addressed but the ultimate decision to leave has been determined by the majority who voted. I will not be doing anything to block, or delay, the wishes of the majority. Since the referendum vote, I have regularly updated my constituents with my views on developments. These are outlined below:



A new relationship with the EU

This week, the Prime Minister triggered Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. The United Kingdom is formally leaving the European Union. Focus now turns to our terms for departure and the new relationship which we have to deliver with the 27 countries who will remain.

A Beginners Guide to How Parliament Makes Law

Last week Parliament was again debating and voting on the legislation which, when passed, will give the Government the powers needed to start the process of leaving the EU.

My Vote for Article 50

UPDATE - 13/02/2017

The amendments presented by the House of Lords were rejected by MPs on 13 March 2017 by 335 votes to 287. The Lords accepted the decision by 274 to 135. I can confirm that I voted against the amendments.


UPDATE - 06/02/2017

Britain is leaving the single market

We are leaving the European Union. Many readers may have thought that this news was established last June. For those less sure, the Prime Minister's speech this week should leave no one in any doubt that Britain will be leaving not just the EU but the single market and its customs union.

Opposition Debate on Article 50 and Leaving the EU

Today in Parliament, yet another attempt will be made to debate the merits of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. The media are making this out to be some form of referendum by MPs on our status with the EU.

Time for MPs to start delivering Brexit

Last week I had to return home early from my Council of Europe meetings in Strasbourg to attend the weekly Opposition Day Debate in the House of Commons. The debate was about whether we should have a future debate about leaving Europe.

Embracing a new European Settlement

Much has happened in the fortnight since my last column. The nation has voted to withdraw from the EU and our Prime Minister has resigned along with most of the opposition front-bench.

EU Referendum Result

Yesterday voters decided that the future of the United Kingdom would be best served outside of the EU. Having not campaigned for either side, I opted to cast my own vote to Remain. Now we are leaving, I will be working hard to ensure that we put the UK on a firm footing outside of the EU. Our United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world. I am confident that we will remain a great nation and that we will build a new deal which makes us even stronger