Coronavirus Update (24th March 2020)

This is an unprecedented challenge and one of great concern. The Government is tackling this issue with the immense health and scientific expertise which we have available to us. I have exchanged messages with the Prime Minister. He accepts that there will be tough times ahead but is resolute that we will get through this.

We live in an area which has the highest average age in the UK. This makes it even more important that residents take care of themselves, and others. Everyone in Parliament and Government is determined that we will get the country through this. 

As you can imagine, we are experiencing an unprecedented level of casework from individuals with unique challenges. I have therefore provided information and links to official advice and will continue to update as the situation changes. Please do check these first and if your query is not answered then I, and my small team, will do our best to help.


Click here to find official advice on health and care protection, stay at home guidance, travel, education settings and options for employees, employers and businesses. The internet contains a lot more information. Not all is accurate or helpful. Please refer to the Gov pages as the official advice and support. There will be announcements and changes on a frequent basis so please keep an eye on the Gov website for the current advice.


If you are concerned about a specific issue please refer to the following:

Ban on evictions and additional protection for renters and landlords

Business rates relief




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Combatting Coronavirus is Parliament’s Priority

The week in Parliament has been dominated by the spread of Coronavirus and the delivery of the Budget. The chief theme of the Budget was to provide reassurance and support for the country during the short-term as we deal with the likely spread of Coronavirus. There were three themes.